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Me2everyone "Server Upgrades"

Posted by M2E On 23:17 0 comments
Hip Hip Horeyy... Yes that would I say now... :)

Development team of me2everyone goes upgrades the site (day by day), features and more... since 1 week more upgrades run (I don’t know how long it taking to).. We just can only pray, help and support for behind worker of me2everyone to give us, everyone and all the results that we expect and start to make money.

But I've heard from a GE member - maybe his new GE member or his level up than me (I do not know who he is) he said that me2everyone would be better than facebook :D. So get back soon and don’t forget always check !

Go... Go... Me2everyone!! Good Job!

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Warning of crime activity

Posted by M2E On 06:58 0 comments
There is a waring from me2everyone of crime activity (Fraud against). A violation of section 8 of the Terms of Use me2everyone, Take a look bellow:

1) Register using different email addresses or aliases in an attempt to gain more ordinary shares

2) Register the names of other people without their express written permission, or

3) Register the names of any fictitious people, people who are dead, family pets or other animals, or inanimate objects, or impersonate any person or entity

Fake Accounts

Some members are going to be extremely unhappy when they are locked out of and their share allocations are deleted. Someone has committed a fraud, registering fake accounts. He is about to lose everything (shares and be barred from using M2E again).

Lets make me2everyone clean and make it harder for members to commit these acts of fraud in the future.

More info got to news me2everyone ..

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