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Good bye "Geovisite" !

Posted by M2E On 14:58
Firstly, Sorry if this post is not related with me2everyone but usefull informations.

Bad + Sad Day happening with my blog today and my favorite counter tools,

My friends visited my blog and call me.. and

- scream SO ANNOYING!
- i said "Whats up?".
- "Did u blog add ads pop-up many times?"
- I said "NO! I Never add ads of pop-up and kind of that"
- "Well You must see then your blog then hang up"


I hurry come home and check my blog, And bang i got 3 ads pop-up and i reflesh i get 1 ads pop-ads. "What happend to my blog!" ARGGG... i dont even put the ads! i research to google name of "JShopper" Because ads direct to that site. "Bang" I found it the prob. is from ASKINAS Blog (Thanks very usefull information). I delete immediately my fav. tools name : "Geovisite Counter" and i confused too why they do that without permission of members? Im Trying contact them but there is no form or link to contact admin. Well From right now i decide to using new counter from Hitstats.

From deeply sadness my hearts and hurts too (Because they do that without permission) im out of using "Geovisite" !
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3 Response to 'Good bye "Geovisite" !'

  1. Anonymous Said,'> 11.8.09

    Nice post.Thanks for sharing!


  2. leighgirl Said,'> 6.5.10

    Yes that is sad. I know the feeling I just deleted 10 years of work daily meaning millions of pages and 30 huge websites because I did not know what was going on. It is not legal to post pop ups on sites with not telling in conditions of use and things one would think but, of course nothing anyone can do but take the loss. I guess I should have known by now nothing is free. grin.
    Good luck and thanks for the post it was found when i searched geovisite putting pop ups on website.
    It was a cool globe but now I too hate it. I had a site with daily work for many years and got made then deleted everything. I wish I found you sooner eh. Thanks though.


  3. Anonymous Said,'> 9.9.12

    really useful information. thanks for sharing!


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